website woes

The website is now back to where it was. Just as we were trying transfer from our long time hosting company, the whole site was lost leaving just an error message.  This was when they told us that support had changed to email only, with 5 day response time (yes – FIVE DAYS!).

It took days to get the domain away from them and redirect it to a safe place in a cloud. It took longer to recover the updated site and properly re-instate it. (Leave that backup for a few days and you are bound to need it. Always back up everything all the time!).

The website is back now and will be getting better (please send any suggestions using the feedback page).

Starting point

Well, that’s three apps and a brand new website. We are very excited with these as a platform for further development. The apps are good solid tools already with nearly all the basic editing that the AddressBook API allows. They already have some basic diagnostics and a strong duplicate finder – with exact match scan and a heuristic scans – the next step is to add some more diagnostics.

I decided to make the new technology available for free to users of the original Address Book Clearout with support for all the operating system versions that it supported  – all the way from Snow Leopard onwards. The look and the animations may have some lumpiness – especially on Lion but the app will work solidly and we will get the animations sorted.