By End of Day

By End of Day on all devices

Stop working and get more done! Taking a break every hour will increase the creativity and productivity of your work. Sitting at a screen for long periods is unhealthy and also makes you inefficient. You need to get away from work every now and again to keep your creativity and productivity up.

By End of Day is a macOS App and an iOS app pair which work together using iCloud to help you focus on today’s tasks and to track today’s progress. It is not a normal ToDo list and will work with your preferred ToDo App.

If you find you lose focus in the afternoon, staring at the screen or browsing social media, it’s a sign that you are not being as productive as you could be. You care about what you do and you push yourself to do more but this can over-load you brain. By End of Day doesn’t interrupt you with timed breaks, It encourages you to build the breaks into the fabric of your work.

Control of your day by…

1. Creating a realistic achievable list.

You can type your targets for the day into By End of Day or (on a Mac) drag and drop them from your todo list. (Works for any todo list that supports dragging tasks to the desktop as text.)  By copying today’s work into a simple list, you can see how much you are trying to fit into one day and and trim it to make it more realistic (or possibly add jobs if you have not squeezed enough into the day!).

Getting started

Use By End of Day to jot down just the tasks that you think you should work on today. Be realistic, only add tasks that you can fit into the day.

If you are keeping a good balance between work and breaks the progress bar will be green, as your day becomes unbalanced it will turn red as a gentle reminder. You should take another break or get back to work to rebalance your day.

Either delete all the tasks and start again, or just delete the tasks you have completed in the day. (Give yourself a pat on the back!) Plan now for tomorrow so that you can sleep on your plan.

On the Mac the menu gives options for managing the lists. On iOS, press and hold the headings to get to the same menu.

Cloud Sync

Changes will ripple between all devices automatically. You don’t need to think about it. The app will occasionally check for missed changes but you can trigger an immediate sync from the Mac menu or by pulling down on the iOS list.