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Improvements to editing

Version 1.1.3 of Contact Clearout and Contact Duplicates released. Status messages now have a red background to make them more obvious. Many improvements to editing – in particular, a single click during an edit will move the edit to new field. Double click is only needed when not already in an edit. This should help […]

Improvements to Undo handling

Versions 1.1.2 of Contact Clearout and Contact Duplicates are out today. Biggest improvements are around undoing deletions. Due to the limitations of the Address Book API, a recreated contact or a group will always appear on the default account. This can be any account (iCloud or Google for example, it is set in the preferences of, […]

Reliability improvements

Version 1.1.1 of both Contact Clearout and Contact Duplicates are out now. Not many visible changes but a lot of fairly big under hood improvements and a couple of small improvements. More to come!  

Big improvements to Contact Clearout

Contact Clearout version 1.1.0 is finally out and it brings big reliability improvements and new features. Duplicate results are now updated live when you edit contacts, you can now sort contacts by modification or creation date, editing has been hugely improved and animations of the source panel should now be more sensible. There also many under […]

New Contact Clearout release

The 1.0.1 release of Contact Clearout brings several extra features to the UI. These include: drag to combine text of notes and other fields, the ability to pin a selected contact and two new checks for data formatting to suggest misplaced data inside contacts. By pinning a contact  you can use text or group membership searching […]

website woes

The website is now back to where it was. Just as we were trying transfer from our long time hosting company, the whole site was lost leaving just an error message.  This was when they told us that support had changed to email only, with 5 day response time (yes – FIVE DAYS!). It took […]