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Duplicate removal taken to the next level. Contact Duplicates will scan for data issues and find normal duplicates. But then it goes further, it searches for the hidden duplicates.

You’ve found the person you want but there’s no phone number? Maybe you put the phone number into your phone with just a  first name, but later you put the e-mail and home address on your Mac in a separate entry . Contact Duplicates will scour your database and show you both, so you can combine them in a complete and seamless workflow.

Spot a mistake? Edit the entries at any time or drag and drop information between cards.

Your contact information is important to you. Contact Duplicates lets you keep complete control over what is thrown away.

If synching is repeatedly creating multiple duplicates, Contact Duplicates allows you to look at the duplicates before you remove them. This is an essential diagnostic tool.

*** Contact Duplicates was a MacWorld App of the Week ***

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Fast and simple removing of identical duplicates and redundant duplicates.

Find duplicates when names are incomplete or in the wrong place.

List possible matches for you to review, combine or remove.

All deleted Contacts are archived and can be recovered by drag and drop in the Finder.


Drag names, phone numbers and any other information between duplicates.

Edit text and change incorrect labels, or formatting at any time.

Multilevel undo in case your fingers slip.


Find and fix issues in your contacts with one click.

Auto-remove repeating fields.

Auto-remove empty fields.

Find and fix people wrongly recorded as companies.

Find and fix companies wrongly recorded as people.