Address Book ClearoutAddress Book Clearout

Address Book Clearout will remove duplicates in your Contacts database  as well as fixing other problems, such as repeating fields.

A single click will remove all the duplicates, another click will remove the partial duplicates. But Clearout goes further and will search out possible matches. You can combine or update these matches and then delete the duplicate in a complete and seamless workflow.

Any field or group of fields – phone numbers, addresses, social profiles – can be moved between cards. Spot a mistake? – fields can be edited with a double click.

Graphical display of group membership makes it easy to organize groups and allows you to visually analyse how you are using groups.

Address Book Clearout has been designed so you have the option to examine the duplicates before you remove them.  This allows you to be sure of which contacts are being deleted but more importantly helps in tracking down the source of recurring problems.

Your contact information is important to you. Clearout lets you keep complete control over which data is discarded.

Legacy operating systems. This version of Clearout is designed for Yosemite and works best on Yosemite. To support users of the previous version who are on legacy systems, this release of Clearout will work with all systems from Snow Leopard up, but appearance and stability may not be optimal.

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Auto-remove identical duplicates and redundant duplicates.

Find duplicates when names are incomplete or in the wrong place.

List possible matches for you to review, combine or remove.

Deleted Contacts are archived and can be recovered by drag and drop in the Finder.


Drag names, phone numbers and any other information between Contacts.

Edit text and change incorrect labels, or formatting at any time.

Multilevel undo in case your fingers slip.

One click to change group membership of Contact or multiple Contacts.

Find and fix issues in your contacts with one click.

Auto-remove repeating fields. Auto-remove empty fields.

Mac Duplicate contacts info icon

Scan through Contact details at speed with mouse rollover or scroll wheel.

Select Contact by UID.

Tested with up to 30,000 contacts.

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